Traffic Resolutions - Parking and fee changes

Wellington City Council is asking for feedback on six proposed changes to parking and parking fees.

Status Open
Start date 16 April 2019
Closing date 5.00p.m., 8 May 2019
Coupon parking sign.

The Council provides on-street parking to make vehicle access to and within the city and its surrounding suburbs easy for residents, local businesses and visitors. 

Increasingly, parks are being permanently removed to allow for the provision of walkways, cycleways and priority bus lanes, which make it easier to travel around the city, and contribute to our goal of making the city more accessible. While the number of available parking spaces is reducing, demand for parking and the costs of maintaining the service continues to increase.

The Council’s position is that people who use the parking spaces should contribute more towards the overall cost of providing on street parking. The Council is therefore proposing through the draft 2019/20 Annual Plan to increase a range of on-street parking charges to better reflect the overall costs and better manage parking demand across the city.

On 14 March 2019, the Council approved the draft 2019/20 Annual Plan for consultation. The draft Annual Plan includes six changes to existing parking charges.  These are outlined below. 

The Wellington City Council Traffic Bylaw requires a separate consultation to be followed when changes are made under this bylaw. This document outlines the details of the proposed parking changes for 2019/20.

The submission form is also available in a printable version which you can post:

Printable Submission Form (152KB PDF)