Earthquake-prone priority buildings

Consultation to identify high traffic routes and emergency transport routes where earthquake-prone buildings may be a high risk.

Status Open
Start date 19 October 2018
Closing date 5.00p.m., 23 November 2018
Building with earthquake damage.

The greatest risk to public safety in an earthquake comes from buildings falling. 

The Building Act has been changed and now requires Council to identify priority earthquake-prone buildings. These are earthquake-prone buildings that need to be remediated faster because they present a higher risk to public safety. 

Any buildings with unreinforced masonry that could collapse onto high traffic routes and cause injury or death, and any buildings that could collapse and impede emergency transport routes are priority buildings and will need to be remediated within 7.5 years of notification – even if they already have a notice allowing a longer period.

The submission form is also available in a printable version which you can post:

Printable Submission Form (85KB PDF)