Draft Animal Policy

Love your pets? The Council would like your feedback on our draft animal policy and factsheets to encourage responsible animal ownership.

Status Open
Start date 11 September 2017
Closing date 5.00p.m., 16 October 2017
Goat peering through a fence.

About the policy

The aim of the Council’s Animal Policy is to encourage responsible animal ownership. 

It outlines the freedoms all animals deserve, advice on caring for domestic animals, and processes around the hoarding and ill treatment of animals. 

The policy also outlines the roles of the Council and the agencies we work with in the animal sector, as well as providing information around the requirements of the Animal Bylaw. 


Along with the policy we have drafted factsheets providing information on caring for four animal groups – bees, cats, livestock and poultry– and tips on what you may want to consider before getting any of these types of animals. They also include links to useful sources of information and organisations.


The Council reviewed the Animal Bylaw in 2016. One of the suggestions that arose out of the consultation was to create a supporting policy to provide more guidance and information for people about caring for domestic animals.

Proposal document

Alternatively, the document is available from:


To give the Council your feedback, read the proposal document above and complete the submission form below. 

The deadline for feedback is 5pm on Sunday 16 October 2017.

The submission form is also available in a printable version which you can post:

Printable Submission Form (91KB PDF)