Alcohol Control Bylaw

The Council would like your feedback on our proposed changes to the Liquor Control Bylaw.

Status Open
Start date 31 August 2018
Closing date 5.00p.m., 30 September 2018
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Wellington City Council is reviewing the Wellington Consolidated Bylaw 2008, part 4: Liquor Control. 

In our review, we have found that a bylaw is still the most appropriate way to regulate the possession and consumption of alcohol in public places to address alcohol-related harm.

Proposed changes

The Council proposes largely retaining the existing Liquor Control Area, with:

  • an adjustment to the boundary, namely to extend the boundary up Majoribanks Street, along both sides of Brougham Street to Ellice Street
  • the removal of the CentrePort area on the east side of Waterloo Quay
  • changing the name from the Liquor Control Bylaw to the Alcohol Control Bylaw
  • changes and drafting improvements to reflect new legislation.


The Liquor Control Bylaw prohibits the consumption and possession of alcohol in public places within the area described as the Liquor Control Area.  

An alcohol control bylaw is considered to be an effective tool to help the Council and Police maintain public safety from alcohol-related harm.  

It is also one of many measures outlined in the Council’s Alcohol Management Strategy that supports the Council and other stakeholders to address that harm, while achieving our goal to have a dynamic central city with vibrant suburban centres.

Proposal document

Alternatively, the document is available from:


To give the Council your feedback, read the proposal document above and complete the submission form below. 

The deadline for feedback is 5pm on Sunday 30 September 2018.

The submission form is also available in a printable version which you can post:

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