Earthquake-prone priority buildings

Status Closed
Start date 19 October 2018
Closed date 23 November 2018

What happened to this consultation?

We asked for your feedback on our proposed high traffic and emergency transport routs, which also identified high priority earthquake-prone buildings under the amended Building Act 2004.

What was the proposal?

Any buildings with unreinforced masonry that could collapse onto high traffic routes and cause injury or death, and any buildings that could collapse and impede emergency transport routes are priority buildings and will need to be remediated within 7.5 years of notification – even if they already have a notice allowing a longer period.
The statement of proposal identified proposed high traffic routes and emergency transport routes, and earthquake-prone buildings on those routes which would become priority buildings under the Act.  
While this consultation has now closed we are still interested in your thoughts. You can contact us on

Proposal document

Next steps

  • February 2019 – City Strategy Committee will consider the submissions
  • March 2019 – Council will decide if they will adopt the proposal 
  • April 2019 – if adopted, the proposal will come into affect.  

More information

Hayley Moselen
Team Leader Seismic Assessments
Phone: 04 499 4444