Play Spaces Policy

Status Closed
Start date 15 October 2016
Closed date 18 November 2016
Number of submissions 118

What happened to this consultation?

We reviewed the Playgrounds Policy 2002 to make sure play spaces in Wellington City are well managed and planned for.


The revised policy has 5 strategic priorities:

  • a network of play spaces across the city
  • high-quality, fit-for-purpose play space
  • community and school partnerships
  • citywide incidental play space
  • programming and advocacy for outdoor play


  • increasing the number of formal play spaces (playgrounds) to a maximum of 111 (from 107) evenly spread around the city
  • improving the wider park and user experience (eg improving accessibility or creating more usable space) when replacing play equipment and safety surfacing 
  • keeping a network of six formal skate facilities and considering minor improvements to each in partnership with the community; the Nairnville Park ramp will be removed 
  • providing a network of 23 outdoor courts (a mix of half and full-sized) for informal use around the city 
  • keep on working with schools and communities when play spaces need to be renewed or new ones are planned
  • focusing on programming and advocacy to get more people playing outdoors more often and promoting the ‘city as a play space’.
  • play space principles and standards and the playground categories will guide what each play space looks like and who it caters for
  • 3 categories of formal playground - destination, community and neighbourhood

Proposal documents

Draft Wellington Play Spaces Policy (4.8MB PDF) | Alternate version (Word 19MB)

Summary Document (583KB PDF)

Next steps

  • Between December and February, we will work through all the submissions and confirm the dates and times with submitters who have requested oral submissions.
  • Oral hearings will take place in February 2017.
  • The policy will be finalised by the Committee soon after the oral hearings.

We apologise for the change in dates. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

More information

Phone 04 499 4444

Report to Community, Sport and Recreation Committee - 25.11.15 (2.6MB PDF)
Report to Community, Sport and Recreation Committee - 12.08.15 (1.2MB PDF)