North Kumutoto Site 10 Development Proposal

Status Closed
Start date 21 January 2014
Closed date 28 February 2014
Number of submissions 196

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council and Wellington Waterfront Limited sought your views on the design of the proposed building on Site 10 in the North Kumutoto precinct and the development of associated public space areas on Wellington Waterfront.

Next steps

Feedback from the North Kumutoto Site 10 consultation was presented in a report to the Council’s Transport and Urban Development committee on 8 April 2014. As a result, the committee agreed to recommend to the Council that it approve the preliminary design proposal for a building on Site 10 and the associated development of public space, subject to the following design issues being taken forward:

  • Undertake wind effect investigation, so it can inform planning and location of shelter for public open space users.
  • Undertake shade diagrams, so these can inform planning and location of shade for public open space users.
  • Continue to seek input from Iwi and the Council’s Accessibility Advisory Group.
  • Ensure that the Creative Business Hub feature is retained as the building design is developed.
  • Ensure that issues of vehicle and pedestrian movement, lighting and safety are addressed.

The committee also noted that a design proposal for Site 8 will be developed with consideration to the feedback given through the consultation process and brought back to the Committee for consideration at a later date.


The North Kumutoto precinct is located around the entrance to the car and motor home park area at the corner of Whitmore Street and Waterloo Quay. This area is north of the Meridian building and south of the Shed 21 Apartments.