Karori: Housing & town centre

Status Closed
Start date 19 March 2015
Closed date 17 April 2015
Number of submissions 300

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your views on allowing medium-density housing to be developed in Karori, and along with that, making improvements to Karori town centres.

We want to make sure that all new development is high quality, the design and appearance fits in with the surrounding environment, and it can stand the test of time.

Karori town centre improvement project
Housing choice and town centre planning
Consultation leaflet (877KB PDF)

Next steps

We will:

  • collate and analyse your feedback and develop a draft Karori town centre plan and a draft district plan change
    consult on the draft town centre plan and district plan change with local residents, businesses and other stakeholders, and following that make amendments as appropriate
  • take the proposed town centre plan and district plan change to the Council for approval
  • enter the more formal consultation process for the district plan change, including seeking public submissions and holding a public hearing, then release the decision
  • when the town centre plan is approved by the Council, start on the priority projects.

More information

Housing choice

Senior Planning Advisor

Phone:  (04) 499 4444
Email:  housing.choice@wcc.govt.nz

Town centre planning

Lucie Desrosiers, Senior Spatial Planning Advisor
David Mitchell, Spatial Planning Advisor

Phone:  (04) 499 4444
Email:  towncentre@wcc.govt.nz