More sustainable

From climate change to efficient use of our resources, we face a number of environmental challenges.

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Predator Free Wellington

What we're proposing: Fund a Predator Free Wellington Project Director to develop a Miramar predator eradication plan and strategy for the city

Why we're proposing it: In 2016, the Predator Free Wellington regional partnership was established to eradicate introduced predators, such as possums and rats, from Wellington. The partnership includes the founding partners paying for a Project Director to develop a plan to eradicate rats and stoats from the Miramar Peninsula, followed by a strategy to extend the Predator Free Wellington project across the city.

Cost and impact on rates: Wellington City Council will contribute $40,000 a year, which equals an 0.01% increase in rates.

Cark parks for electric vehicles and car sharing

What we're proposing: Work with car share providers to allocate 15 car parks in the central city and suburbs to electric and car sharing vehicles.

Why we're proposing it: As the number of car sharing and electric vehicles in the city grows, the Council is experiencing increased demand from car share providers for central city car parks at no cost. Under our Low Carbon Capital Plan, the Council has previously allocated 100 car parks for car sharing and electric vehicle car parks. Some of these generate revenue and some do not. Thirty of these car parks have been reserved for the central city and Zealandia and 15 have already been allocated. The current plan is to introduce charging as the car share/electric vehicle market matures. During 2017/18, the Council will work with car share providers to allocate the 15 remaining car parks. Once demand is proven, the Council will consider expanding the number of available car parks.

Cost and impact on rates: Up to $150,000 in revenue from these car parks would be lost. Less than 0.1% increase in rates.