Submissions and petitions

From time to time, we ask the public for submissions on specific issues.

For a translation of information about how to take part in the Council's public meetings, see: About public participation.


Periodically the Council asks for submissions from the public on specific issues. A submission is a statement which explains your opinion to the Council. Submissions are usually written statements but may also be delivered by speaking to the Council or appropriate committee in person.

The Council asks for submissions in three main areas:

  • general Council decisions (including policies, strategies, bylaws and Council Plans)
  • Notified District Plan Changes
  • Notified Resource consents.

Consultations and engagements


Any person or organisation may present a petition about any matter within the Council's jurisdiction to the full Council or to any of its committees. Your petition may be in any form as long as its purpose, intent and requested action are clearly stated.

Once your petition is ready to present to the Council or relevant committee, contact Democracy Services. They will advise you of the most appropriate meeting to present the petition to.

At least ten working days' notice is required before the meeting at which it will be presented, for inclusion in the agenda.

Details of the petition will be displayed on the Council website, including the primary petitioner's contact details.

More information

Democracy Services
Phone: 021 227 8334