Restore the name 'Mount Tarikākā' to Mount Kaukau



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We the undersigned call upon the Wellington City Council to restore the name Mount Tarikākā in place of Mount Kaukau.

Background information

(Mount) Tarikākā was the original Maori name of what was is commonly known today as Mount Kaukau. Tarikākā means 'where the parrots rested'. Maori used this area to trap kākā. Kaukau is a mispronunciation of kākā, and literally means 'cow cow'. Let's honour the history of the area and the return of kākā by agreeing to restore the original name.

Submitted by Amanda Barber
Opened 1 October 2019
Closes 1 January 2020
Status Not Presented

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 1 January 2020.