Future engagements

See what engagement opportunities are coming up.

School children use a table in a temporary parklet to do their schoolwork, while a man plays a piano in the background.

Engagement times may change, but we’ll keep this page up to date so you can see what’s planned.

If you would like to receive alerts for any of these engagements please email us at engagement@wcc.govt.nz.

March 2021

Innovating Streets

Our Innovating Streets Pop-ups are still out in the community for you to check out and use. We have one on Cuba Street outside Nolita’s, one on Riddiford Street outside Black Coffee and one on Allen Street outside the new Capital Creative Trust office.

We are talking with the Brooklyn community now about ideas for an uphill bike path on Brooklyn Hill.   

Visit the Innovating Streets project page

April / May 2021 

Arts and Youth Strategies and Wellbeing Framework

Setting direction for how we ensure the arts and young people prosper in Wellington, and outlining our approach to wellbeing in the city. Open for consultation on 6 April. More information on the Let’s Talk website .

Long Term Plan

Shaped by your feedback during November 2020, we’ll be asking you what you think about options and priorities for the future of the city. The Long Term Plan will be coming out for consultation on 6 April.

Long Term Plan webpage

June / July 2021 

Planning for Growth – Spatial Plan

The Spatial Plan is being worked on now following almost 3,000 submissions at the end of last year.  We expect to have this finished and published in June. 

October / November 2021

Planning for Growth – District Plan

See the Planning for Growth website for information.