Our stories

During the Great War, Wellingtonians made their contribution both here and abroad. These are our stories.

Share your stories

The #wellynextdoor recording caravan will be recording at this location soon. 

  • - Come and share your stories of the Holocaust or recall memories of relatives or friends that experienced it, so they don’t fade from our collective memories. We'll be behind the Holocaust Centre, 80 Webb Street, 1-5 August, 10am-2pm.

Stories can be kept for your own purposes or shared as well on our Wellynextdoor page. In the meantime, listen to all the amazing stories we've recorded in the #wellynextdoor caravan already.

For more information or to pre-book a time to come and share your story at either event, email wellynextdoor@wcc.govt.nz or phone 803 8568.