Waste Warrior

He keeps our city clean, clearing the way in his recycled cloak.

Waste Warrior costume.

Tony Webster, Contracts Auditor & Coordinator, CitiOperations


About Tony, our Waste Warrior ...

What does a typical day at work involve?

Dealing with the public on various issues regarding recycling and rubbish collections.

We admire the rubbish and recycling guys - their work is pretty tough and they have to work in all weather conditions - imagine the city without them!

Chris Jones & Michelle Mainwaring, Wellington City Council

Waste Warrior designers

What's a highlight of your job?

The interaction I have with the general public and educating them on how to recycle correctly.

How do you express your creative side?

Being my natural self and using my German and Island background to bring things into perspective.

If you had to design a garment for WOW, what would your entry be?

Something from the islands - for example, something designed from coconuts, sea shells, etc.

What are your three favourite things about Wellington?

  • the wind
  • the people
  • the café culture

How we created the Waste Warrior's garment

Garment materials

Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, recycled milk bottles, recycled tin lids, Wellington City Council rubbish and recycling bags.

Designers' challenges

The cloak was hard work using lots of recycling bags, as was weaving the bags together, cutting them into strips and folding them into zigzags for other parts of the garment.