Road Gladiator

He paves the way to get you around the city, attired in armour.

Road gladiator costume.

Zac Jordan, Manager CitiOperations


About Zac, our Road Gladiator ...


What does a typical day at work involve?

Playing the position of Centurion within City Networks to deliver accessible, resilient and well-planned roading networks that will serve us just as well in twenty years time.

Roading teams connect Wellingtonians, making it possible for us all to get from A to B.

Darren Switalla, Wellington City Council

Road Warrior costume designer

What's a highlight of your job?

The fact that I’m able to roam freely around the city - my office is my phone. This means, because I’m not confined in an office or by paperwork, I can move quickly to implement solutions to problems. There are no road blocks in my job.

How do you express your creative side?

Sourcing and wearing unusual cufflinks.

If you had to design a garment for WOW, what would your entry be?

Creative cutlery.

What are your three favourite things about Wellington?

  • integrated
  • vibrant
  • events

How we created the Road Gladiator garment

Garment materials

Acrylic paint, bicycle inner tubes, bolts, cardboard, car tyres, foam, hard hat, hi-vis fabric, recycled belt, reflective tape, rubber car mats, shin pads, straw broom bristles, wire.

Designer's challenges

The tyres for the breast plate had to be taken to bits first, then stuck together in a different way. I enjoyed using power tools to make this outfit!