Parks Goddess

She keeps Wellington’s flora and fauna as lush as her dress.

Parks Goddess costume.

Myfanwy Emeny, Manager Community Engagement and Reserves


About Myfanwy, our Parks Goddess ...

What does a typical day at work involve?

My job is so varied, I don’t think a ‘typical day’ exists… On any day I can find myself in a stream talking to children about insects, commenting on applications that affect our open spaces, or working with the community on outdoor recreation projects. Really, my typical day is all about making sure we have a healthy environment to live in, and one which we can all enjoy.

Wellington's green hills and parks don't just happen - we take them for granted.

Miranda Marshall, Wellington City Council

Parks Goddess costume designer

What's a highlight of your job?

Working alongside the many dedicated, passionate and wonderful environmental volunteers we have.

How do you express your creative side?

Gardening. Making sure I have a native garden where the plants work together (in a kind of organised chaos...) and where birds, insects and my children feel at home. That's my main creative outlet.

If you had to design a garment for WOW, what would your entry be?

Something flowing, flexible and fun for the children's section.

What are your three favourite things about Wellington?

  • The contrast of the city. I love the fact that you can be sitting in a local café having a superb coffee and almost simultaneously be watching orca in the harbour. Where else does that happen?
  • The passion of the people that live here. I think Wellingtonians are deeply proud of being associated with this place.
  • And of course our natural areas. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to escaping for a bush walk. I love being able to walk 10 minutes into a reserve yet feel a million miles away.

How we created the Parks Goddess garment

Garment materials

Acrylic paint, artificial leaves and flowers, branches and twigs, coconut husk fibres, ferns, gardening-wire netting, polymer clay, sphagnum moss, recycled corset, recycled wig, twine.

Designer's challenges

The bodice was very intricate, and making the skirt so that I could keep adding the flora and fauna was tricky.