She makes a splash with bathing caps, keeping our pools safe.

Lifesaver costume.

Abby Wilkinson, Pools Lifeguard


About Abby, our Lifesaver ...

What does a typical day at work involve?

A lot of customer interaction, supervising children and customers to make sure they are all OK.

What's a highlight of your job?

The skills that I've learnt, such as First Aid and customer service, and the people that I've met.

What are your three favourite things about Wellington?

  • the scenery
  • the closeness to the water
  • the nightlife

Lifesavers are the unsung heros of the pool - always on the lookout and ready to act.

Alex Downey, Wellington City Council

Lifesaver costume designer

How do you express your creative side?

I love to dance. When I can, I enjoy contemporary and hip-hop dancing.

If you had to design a garment for WOW, what would your entry be?

I would make a dress from tissue and toilet paper. I think these materials would be really versatile to work with - crunched up, folded and fluffed up. I have seen something like this and it would be fun to try it out myself.

How we created the Lifesaver garment

Garment materials

Bathing caps, netting, sequins, towels.

Designer's challenges

The collar was a great challenge. It was tricky to get the net layers just right.