There's a little wow in us all.

Wellington City Council's 'Our WOW' poster.

All garments created and modelled by Wellington City Council staff


We wear our partnership with the World of WearableArt with pride. Every day we’re committed to bringing a little wow to the citizens and visitors of our city by keeping Wellington beautiful, engaging and alive with our services and facilities and bringing you quality events such as World of WearableArt.

This year we decided to share with you some of the ‘behind the scenes’ work we do to help make your WOW and Wellington experience spectacular. It seemed only fitting (excuse the pun) that we told this story through some of our own garments. While they’re no competition to the WOW creations – we hope you enjoy them.

Wellington City Council has been involved in WOW for the last 9 years, and we have committed to this creative extravaganza for a further 9 years.

Our characters

The models for our five characters are staff chosen from five areas of the Council best known to the public: parks and gardens; libraries; rubbish and recycling; swimming pools; and roads.

Check out our characters below, learn about highlights of their work and their favourite things about Wellington; and discover how we made their garments.

Photo shoot venue

The Town Hall created a beautiful backdrop for our models, showcasing one of Wellington's landmark heritage buildings.

See how we pulled everything together on the day of the shoot: