New Zealand hosted Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC 2011). There were 20 visiting nations in the tournament, and 48 matches were held in 12 venues around the country from 9 September to 23 October 2011.

Wellington was the venue for eight of these matches, including two quarter-finals matches and six pool matches from 11 September to 9 October.

The Wellington community got involved in RWC 2011 - the largest event of its kind in New Zealand's history - in the following ways:

  • Customer-facing organisations perfected their hosting skills with Team 2011 - First Impressions Training, a free online course.
  • People from around the Wellington region dressed up everything from their workplaces and homes to their cars and even their pets in the Dress Up Wellington competition.
  • Businesses joined a RWC 2011 initiative.
  • Primary and intermediate schools took part in an education programme that helped children learn more about the tournament, the sport of rugby and the visiting nations.
  • The city put on a Festival of Carnivale which held events all over the city - many of them free - for the duration of the tournament.

Economic impact of RWC 2011

An economic impact report, prepared by research consultancy firm Angus & Associates, found that Wellington's eight RWC2011 matches injected just over $94 million into the Wellington region's economy.

A total of 268,000 people attended the matches - six pool and two quarter finals - at Wellington Regional Stadium.

Matches at Wellington Regional Stadium

2011 match schedule
8.30pm, Sunday 11 September South Africa vs Wales
6pm, Saturday 17 September South Africa vs Fiji
8.30pm, Friday 23 September Australia vs USA
8.30pm, Sunday 25 September Argentina vs Scotland
6pm, Saturday 1 October France vs Tonga
3.30pm, Sunday 2 October New Zealand vs Canada
6pm, Saturday 8 October QF1: Ireland (W Pool C) vs Wales (RU Pool D)
6pm, Sunday 9 October QF3: South Africa (W Pool D) vs Australia (RU Pool C)

RWC history

The inaugural Rugby World Cup (RWC) was held in 1987 and every four years since. It has become one the world's most popular sporting events.

Under the control and direction of the International Rugby Board (IRB), the RWC is the financial engine that drives the development of Rugby worldwide, with revenues providing funds for member unions that assist in the game's expansion and development.

Champions by year

  • 2011 - New Zealand
  • 2007 - South Africa
  • 2003 - England
  • 1999 - Australia
  • 1995 - South Africa
  • 1991 - Australia
  • 1987 - New Zealand

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