Backyard trapping

Be a part of Predator Free Wellington and help protect and restore Wellington's native wildlife by joining the animal pest control community.

Controlling pests to protect native wildlife

Animal pests introduced from other countries are one of the biggest threats to native wildlife in Wellington. An estimated 68,000 native birds are killed by predators in New Zealand every night.

By decreasing rats, possums, and stoats in Wellington, we can increase native wildlife in our forests and suburbs to improve our local environment.

Vision for a Predator Free Wellington

Imagine Wellington as the world's first predator-free capital city. That's the vision behind Predator Free Wellington –a network of thousands of households, community groups, and organisations working together to eradicate rats, mustelids, and possums.

Wellington City Council joins with Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the NEXT Foundation on this project so our native wildlife can thrive.

Join your local predator free group, start backyard trapping, or volunteer with a reserve group.

Predator Free Wellington

Trapping pests in your backyard

One simple step to protecting Wellington's environment is to set up and maintain traps on your property.

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Join a trapping or restoration group

Another way to get involved is to connect with your local backyard trapping group or help with wider reserve trapping and restoration. These groups also look at restoration and planting work.

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Other ways to support Predator Free Wellington