Benefits of sustainable commercial buildings

Improving the sustainability of commercial buildings makes good business sense for both landlord and tenant because sustainable buildings are more economic to run.

Sustainable buildings reduce waste and are more efficient in use of resources such as land, energy, water and materials.

Sustainable offices tend to be healthier and more comfortable. Improved levels of natural light, cleaner air and a higher degree of personal control lead to increased productivity.

Sustainable buildings are also adaptable and durable enough to meet the requirements for flexibility and needs of future generations of occupiers.

Other of having a sustainable office include:

  • Energy costs for sustainable commercial buildings are 35 - 50% less than those of similar conventional buildings.
  • A survey of buildings in New Zealand showed sustainable buildings generally scored in the top 5% for user satisfaction and potential productivity benefits.
  • Offices labelled 'green' can increase publicity and attractiveness to potential customers, employees and investors. A high Green Star rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council, for example, can be a valuable marketing tool.