How to reduce your carbon emissions

Each person can help achieve a ‘zero carbon’ future by reducing and offsetting emissions. Find out about the actions you can take and the tools and tips to help.

Reducing your individual carbon footprint

By deciding to make even small changes, all of us together will contribute to positive outcomes for the city.

Actions you can take 

Reduce your car use

Try carpooling, car sharing, using public transport, walking, biking, and e-transport options. Check out our Smart Transport page for more info.

Reduce energy use

Reduce the energy use in your home or building through energy efficient lighting, proper insulation and other improvements to help make your home healthy, warm and safe.  

  • Wellington city ratepayers can get a free Home Energy Saver assessment and access to reduced cost products like LED bulbs and more efficient shower heads from the Sustainability Trust.
  • Partnering with the Government’s Warmer Kiwi Homes programme, the Sustainability Trust is able to cover 90% of insulation costs and heat pumps for eligible households.To apply or check eligibility Sustainability Trust - Warmer Kiwi Homes grant.
  • Available to all ratepayers across the Wellington Region, the Wellington Regional Targeted Rates Scheme offers up to $3,900 for insulation, paid back via your rates over 9 years. To find out more or apply go to Wellington Region Scheme.

Reduce rubbish and food waste

Focus on resilience

Become more resilient in the face of climate change and natural hazards. 

Get involved

Get active in your local community.

Calculate and offset your emissions

You can work out your carbon footprint using the online tool FutureFit. It provides  a snapshot of your impact on the planet and helps you make some really positive changes in the way you live to help reduce your footprint. 

Ekos is an international non-profit enterprise that develops, pilots and scales up innovative approaches to financing a sustainable future. Visit their website to find out how to offset your carbon footprint with native forest carbon credits.

Reducing your business’s carbon footprint

Because businesses operate at scale, small changes can make a big difference. 

Consider your energy use and identify where you can reduce consumption

Switch to LED lighting

  • Find information and cost effective tips specific to your business from the EECA  for help choosing the right lighting and light fittings, retrofitting lights, and energy savings measures.

Reduce water use

  • Install water efficient taps, toilets and showers; and considering whether rainwater collection is an option for your building. 

Divert waste

Divert your waste from the landfill by separating recycling and compostables. 


  • Consider teleconferencing as a way of offsetting emissions when you need to fly. From Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack, there are increasingly more paid and free options to connect remotely. Offset emissions with EKOS.

Sustainable procurement

  • Really think about your supply chain and view reducing emissions as an opportunity to showcase your values to attract new clients/customers and save your business money by becoming more efficient.

Working from home

  • Consider a work-from-home policy that allows for the option of working from home part of the time for those who can. Road transport emissions are responsible for 35% of Wellington emissions, so even working from home or not driving one day a week can make a big difference. 

Learn more with top tips from the Sustainable Business Network.