Support and grants

The Council helps fund youth organisations and gives community grants for youth activities in Wellington.

Support for youth organisations

The Council funds the following to deliver youth-focused services in the Wellington city:

  • Challenge 2000
  • Wellington Activity Centre
  • Wellington Boys' and Girls' Institute (BGI)
  • Zeal


'Youth' is one of the focus areas of the social pool of the general grants offered by the Council. Specific criteria for youth-related grant applications in this pool are that projects should:

  • involve young people in the development and delivery of the project
  • encourage constructive use of leisure time
  • help young people to gain a better understanding of community, feel an increased sense of belonging as active citizens and contribute positively to society
  • promote volunteer opportunities for young people.

Youth Work Wellington

Youth Work Wellington brings together people who work for and with youth.

The group provides information about events, opportunities, funding and support for young people. There are networking meetings every month.

To get involved:

Youth Work Wellington

Website: Youth Work Wellington on Facebook