Courtenay Place taxi stand trial

The Council is proposing to trial some temporary changes in the Courtenay Place area to improve the flow of public transport through the area and provide a safer place for taxis and ride shares to wait for customers.

Diagram of changes to the Courtenay Place slip lane, converting Pay By Space parks to Taxi Stands during certain hours.

As part of Council’s commitment Wellington safety, we are looking for all opportunities to make our central city safer. 

The proposal is to provide a dedicated taxi and ride share stand in the existing slip lane in Courtenay Place during the following hours:

  • Friday 8pm to Saturday 8am
  • Saturday 6pm to Sunday 8am
  • Sunday 6pm to Monday 8am

Creating this designated area will allow for safe pick up and drop off locations for people using these services, particularly during peak entertainment hours. It also means that the bus stops at these locations are able to be freely used by the buses and passengers.

To do this, we are changing 11 spaces on the Courtenay Place slip road from unpaid parks into a taxi stand during the proposed hours. The one mobility park in this slip road will remain unchanged and the four parks at the top end of the slip lane will be turned into P15 during these times.

The trial will commence Friday 23 April and will run until 14 May. It will then be up for consultation via a Traffic Resolution from 28 April until 12 May. This Resolution will go up to Committee and if passed, will become permanent in June. 

If the trial is successful and the Traffic Resolution is approved, the Council intends to install static cameras in Courtenay Place to monitor and enforce the bus lanes. These will be in place and operational by 1 July 2021.

Proposed slip lane changes (780KB JPG)