Tenancy agreement

If you decide to accept a Council City Housing unit you must sign a tenancy agreement.

New applicants

The tenancy agreement is a legal contract outlining your responsibilities as the 'tenant', and the Council as 'landlord'.

We give you a signed copy of the agreement for you to keep for your own records.


The Council's responsibilities are to:

  • maintain the property in reasonable condition
  • meet all building, health and safety standards that apply to the premises
  • pay rates, building insurance and land tax
  • continue the supply of gas, electricity and phone services unless the occupants or property are at risk (or maintenance is required).

Your responsibilities as a tenant are to:

  • pay rent on time
  • pay utility services (electricity, gas, telephone and excess water bills)
  • give 21 days written notice when you want to move
  • make sure the property is occupied for residential purposes only and is not used for any unlawful purpose or subletting
  • keep the property in good condition
  • keep the property clean and safe (particularly to reduce condensation and the risk of fire)
  • notify the landlord of any necessary repairs or maintenance
  • minimise noise
  • respect the privacy and comfort of other tenants or neighbours as required by the Residential Tenancies Act
  • not smoke in your unit, if your tenancy started after 1 October 2016, or if you live in a smokefree complex.

Right of entry

The Council may enter your home on the following occasions:

  • at any time with your consent
  • for repairs or maintenance between 8am and 7pm with 24 hours notice
  • for an inspection between 8am and 7pm with 48 hours notice

More information

For advice on your rights and responsibilities regarding tenancy agreements and actions of your landlord, contact:

Tenancy Services
Building and Housing Group

Phone: 0800 836 262
Website: Tenancy Services - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment