Smokefree housing

City Housing has a smokefree policy, as part of our focus on providing healthy homes for our tenants, and a healthy workplace for our staff.

No smoking sign next to communal area at a Council housing complex.

All tenancies at City Housing that start after 1 October 2016 are smokefree.

Smokefree policy

We've been on a journey towards creating a smokefree environment in Council housing. Starting in 2012, Regent Park Apartments, Newtown were designated smokefree. The policy was then implemented in 2014 in our upgraded complexes; in 2015 in our communal areas; and in 2016 with our new tenancies.

Smokefree complexes

City Housing complexes that have been upgraded since January 2014 are smokefree, with identified outdoor smoking areas provided:

  • Berkeley Dallard Apartments, Mount Cook – has two smoking shelters outside
  • Kotuku Apartments, Kilbirnie – has one smoking shelter outside
  • Marshall Court Apartments, Miramar – has an identified smoking area outside
  • Regent Park Apartments, Newtown – does not have smoking shelter. Tenants are asked to smoke outside and away from entrances.

Smokefree communal areas

Since 31 May 2015, all communal areas at City Housing complexes have been designated smokefree “clean-air zones”. Communal areas include all the spaces outside your tenancy that are used by other tenants, or where tenants and visitors gather. Clean-air zones include:

  • entranceways, windows, door openings
  • hallways
  • restrooms
  • laundry and drying rooms
  • stairways and stairwells (inside and outside)
  • allotment gardens
  • playgrounds
  • car parking areas.

What if I smoke?

People who smoke can still rent a City Housing home; they just can't smoke in the unit.

Our message to people who smoke is: “It’s not about not smoking, it’s about not smoking here”.

We encourage all tenants to act as welcoming and accepting neighbours, showing friendliness and respect for each another, regardless of personal choices.

Smoking areas

Smoking outside the home is permitted in identified specific areas. Where possible, these are identified with “smoking area” signage. If there is no identified area, your Tenancy Advisor will be able tell you where the identified space is.

If there is no identified smoking area, tenants are asked not to smoke in shared spaces where there are other people, and - in particular - not in front of children.

Support to stop smoking

Free support is available to help you stop smoking. To find out more, ask a City Housing staff member or read about our programme in our Support services.