To park at most City Housing properties, tenants and caregivers need a parking permit.

Permits are free and help us to stop non-tenants parking illegally in tenant parking spaces. Most permits are valid for 12 months. If your tenancy is fixed term, your permit is valid for the length of your tenancy - up to 12 months.

One permit is issued per tenancy, and is only valid at that property.

Permits are required for the following sites:

  • Arlington Apartments (VP)
  • Batchelor Street Flats (VP)
  • Berkeley Dallard
  • Booth Street Flats
  • Calabar Road Flats
  • Central Park Flats (VP)
  • Daniell Street Flats (VP)
  • Darlington Road
  • Darwin Street Flats
  • Duncan Terrace Flats (VP)
  • Elizabeth Street (VP)
  • Epuni Street Flats
  • Etona Flats (VP)
  • Granville Street Flats (VP)
  • Hanson Court Flats (VP)
  • Harrison Street
  • Heath Flats
  • Hobart Park Flats (VP)
  • Johnsonville Road
  • Kotuku Flats (VP)
  • Marshall Court Flats
  • Newtown Park Flats (VP)
  • Pembroke Road Flats
  • Pukehinau Flats (VP)
  • Queens Court Flats
  • Queen Street Flats
  • Regent Park Flats
  • Rintoul Street Flats
  • Strathmore Court
  • Te Ara Hou
  • Whare Ahuru

VP = includes visitor parking

Parking eligibility

To be eligible for a parking permit the applicant must be:

  • a City Housing tenant (joint owners must be on the Tenancy Agreement)
  • a proven caregiver or support worker.

Apply for a parking permit

You must visit our Service Centre to apply for a permit. You need to bring the following documents:

  • current vehicle registration papers (must be in tenant's name only and have tenant's current address)
  • current driver's licence


To apply for a Caregiver's Permit you must provide:

  • either a letter from a doctor
  • or a letter from health or community agency.

The permit is issued to the caregiver's vehicle only and is not transferable to any other vehicles.

  • Only one caregiver's permit for each flat is allowed.
  • A caregiver's permit cannot be used as a visitor's parking permit and caregivers must park in tenant parking areas.

Renew a permit

You will receive a reminder that your parking permit is due to expire.

To renew an expired parking permit, take the following documents to the City Housing desk at the Council Service Centre:

  • current driver's licence
  • current vehicle registration papers or ownership papers

New cars

If you replace your car, you need to return the old parking permit sticker to City Housing and reapply.


Visitor parks are for short-term parking - up to 60 minutes only. Signs at housing complexes show where a visitor may park their vehicle. Visitors' vehicles may be towed if they park for more than 60 minutes.

If you are visiting the property to view it before moving in, contact City Housing for a Temporary Permit.

Exemptions and temporary permits

Some vehicles do not have to display a parking permit. These include:

  • Council vehicles
  • City Housing contractors with marked vehicles
  • emergency services vehicles

Temporary or contractor's permit are required for:

  • unmarked contractor's vehicles
  • prospective tenants viewing new flats
  • new tenants who are waiting for their full parking permit
  • courtesy cars (a loaned car to a tenant, while work is being done to their car)
  • NZTA-exempt vehicles

NZTA-exempt vehicles

If you have an NZTA-exempt vehicle, you can put the registration on hold for between 3 and 12 months. To do so, you will need to get a temporary permit that exempts you from continuously having to license your vehicle during this period of time. Bring in a NZTA-exemption certificate to the Council showing the start and end dates of the exemption period.

For each NZTA-exempt vehicle, we will generally only issue such temporary permits once, and they cannot be renewed continuously.

Registration and Licensing - Exemptions - NZTA


Vehicles illegally parked in City Housing properties will be towed. The towing charges can be from $60-$120 or more, depending on the type of tow required and how long the vehicle is held in storage.

If you or any of your visitors have a vehicle towed from a City Housing complex car park, phone our Contact Centre on 04 499 4444.

Other parking options

Some Council homes are located in coupon parking and resident parking zones. As a resident you can apply for a permit to park in these areas. There is an annual fee. Visit the Council Service Centre for more information and to apply for a permit. You will need to bring information with you.