Who can get Council housing

To be eligible for a Council City Housing property, you must have low income and assets.

Hanson Court Apartments, Newtown.
Hanson Court Apartments, Newtown

As well as low income and assets, you must be all of the following to qualify:

  • without adequate housing
  • 18 years or older
  • a permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen, or a new arrival who has submitted an application for permanent residence or refugee status.

When you meet with the Allocations Advisor as a part of your application process, you could be placed in one of the following priority groups.

Priority group Description
The fit elderly Those able to maintain an independent lifestyle at the time of application
Refugees and migrants Recently arrived through the quota, asylum seekers accepted by Immigration NewZealand as refugees, and people entering the country under humanitarian or family reunification categories
Low-level psychiatric Those people able to maintain an independent lifestyle with minimum supervision and support
Multiple disadvantaged Households with a number of problems that make them vulnerable in the housing market
People with physical disabilities People with specific accommodation needs as they have a disability

If you are not in a priority group but meet the criteria listed above, you can still apply for a home and may receive temporary housing (if no one from a priority group is waiting).

Your income and assets


To live in a City Housing home, you cannot earn over a certain amount of money.

The amounts shown below are after tax and before the accommodation supplement (if you receive one).

Effective from 1 July 2021:

Maximum after-tax income allowed
Family type Weekly income Annual income
1 adult $990 $57,471
1 adult and 1 child $1,211 $62,970
1 adult and 2 children $1,400 $72,826
1 adult and 3 children $1,611 $83,777
1 adult and 4 children $1,801 $93,633
1 adult and 5 children $1,990 $103,489
2 adults $1,053 $54,756
2 adults requiring 2 bedrooms $1,211 $62,970
2 adults and 1 child $1,274 $66,255
2 adults and 2 children $1,464 $76,111
2 adults and 3 children $1,674 $87,062
2 adults and 4 children $1,864 $96,918
2 adults and 5 children $2,053 $106,774
3 adults $1,611 $83,777


To be eligible for subsidised rent from City Housing, there is a limit to the amount of assets you can have.

Your age, as well as your assets, affects how much rent you have to pay.

For more information about rents and how much you have to pay, see: Rent levels and bonds

You are aged 50 years or younger
Your cash and investment assets are worth You pay this amount of rent
Under $40,940 70% of market rent
$40,940 and over 100% of market rent
You are aged over 50 years
Your cash and investment assets are worth You pay this amount of rent
Under $58,480 70% of market rent
$58,480 and over 100% of market rent

Reviewing your circumstances

Every year you have to show proof of income and asset details to the Council.

If your circumstances have changed, your rent may go up or down, or you may have to move to a more suitable property.

Find out more: Rent levels and bonds

Smokefree housing

City Housing has a smokefree policy, as part of our focus on providing healthy homes for our tenants, and a healthy workplace for staff. 

All units are smokefree. For more information, see Smokefree housing