Find the right alcohol licence and apply

Find out which alcohol licence (liquor licence) applies to your business and how to apply.

Supplying alcohol at a new business or club

If you're planning to sell alcohol from a business or club, there are different alcohol licences that may apply – on-licenceoff-licence and club licence.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want more than one type of licence – for example, a hotel could have an on-licence and an off-licence.

Applying for a new alcohol licence

Supplying alcohol at an event

If you want to sell alcohol at a one-off event or series of events, you need a special licence. Alcohol may be included in the entry fee, ticket price, koha or sold over a bar.

Applying for a special licence

Taking over a licensed business

If you're buying an established business that sells alcohol, you need a temporary authority to continue selling alcohol while you apply for a new on-licence or off-licence.

Taking over a licensed business (temporary authority)