Robert Stout and Anna Paterson Stout

Premier/suffragist and feminist.

Plaque dedicated to Robert and Anna Paterson Stout

Robert Stout

Date of birth:  28 September 1844
Date of death:  19 July 1930

Anna Paterson Stout

Date of birth:  29 September 1858
Date of death:  10 May 1931

Robert Stout and Anna Paterson Stout were a dynamic and forward-thinking couple whose impact is still felt in New Zealand. Married in 1876, they helped transform New Zealand society in areas ranging from educational advancement to women's rights.

Robert Stout was born in Lerwick Scotland in 1844. After an education that included theology, literature, and land and marine surveying, Robert emigrated to New Zealand in 1864. Robert became involved in many aspects of New Zealand society, eventually becoming New Zealand Premier and later Chief Justice, and was a founder of the institution that became Victoria University of Wellington.

Anna Paterson Logan was born in Dunedin in 1858. After marrying Robert Stout, then a member of the House of Representatives, Anna was greatly influenced by her husband's beliefs in individualism and sexual equality. For the next 40 years, Anna was involved in a range of women's groups which helped improve the standing of New Zealand women in areas ranging from suffrage, health, and educational equality.