Pehr Ferdinand Holm

Mariner and ship owner.

Grave of Pehr Ferdinand Holm

Date of birth:  3 April 1844
Date of death:  17 August 1921

Born in Sweden and the son of a master mariner, Holm arrived in Wellington in 1868 as an able seaman. After working as a pilot, Holm became chief officer of the steamship Taranaki and was commended for bravery after it was wrecked off Tauranga in 1878. Using various barques, he trained apprentices and traded as far as Mauritius. It was largely due to Holm's influence that the government introduced the Amokura as a training ship. In 1911, he purchased the steamship John, which became a familiar vessel around the New Zealand coast for the next 25 years. His last sailing ship was the Titania, wrecked off Nouméa in 1914 - a victim of the French authorities' wartime blackout on the reef lighthouse.

Holm's sons continued the family seafaring tradition and established the Holm Shipping Company.