Matthew Holmes

Medical practitioner.

Gravestone of Matthew Holmes

Date of birth:  2 November 1879
Date of death:  15 November 1918

Matthew Holmes, a respected and well-educated doctor, had studied at two Edinburgh universities and was the resident surgeon at Chalmers Hospital for Children, Edinburgh from 1903 - 1906.

By April 1907 Matthew was registered as a medical practitioner in New Zealand and was an Honorary Surgeon at Wellington Hospital.

During WWI Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Holmes served in Samoa, Egypt and in France. When he returned to New Zealand, the country was about to be struck by the deadly influenza epidemic. Matthew Holmes was one of the hundreds of Wellingtonians who died of influenza in 'Black November' 1918.

A memorial dedicated to Matthew Holmes - the Lt Col Matthew Holmes Sundial - sits in Karori Cemetery.