John Blundell

Newspaperman and businessman.

Gravestone of John Blundell

Date of birth:  1842
Date of death:  11 January 1922

A black obelisk marks the grave where newspaperman John Blundell is buried along with other members of the Blundell family, founder-owners of Wellington's first daily newspaper - The Evening Post (1865 - 2002).

John's father, Henry Blundell, moved his family from Dublin to Australia in 1860, then to New Zealand in 1863. In 1865 they started Wellington's first daily paper in the colony's new capital city. With his father, John and his younger brothers (Henry and Louis) worked as typesetters, canvassers and reporters, eventually taking over the management.

John's own son Henry Percy Fabian Blundell was chairman of directors for many years. The Blundells retained control of the paper until the late 1960s. The final edition was published on 6 July 2002 when, after 137 years on Wellington streets, the Evening Post and Dominion papers merged as The Dominion-Post.