Hokona he rua
Purchase a plot

Apply to buy a plot for a burial or to scatter ashes.


Types of plots

Each cemetery has its own guidelines for plots.

Makara Cemetery

Karori Cemetery

Bolton Street Cemetery




Apply to buy a plot

Casket burial plots can only be purchased when there is an immediate need for a plot.

When you buy a plot from the Council, you become the Deed Holder of the plot. You get an 'Exclusive Right of Interment' in perpetuity.

Terms used on the form:

The person named in the 'Application details' is the official plot owner. A 'Deed of Exclusive Right of Interment' is issued in their name.

The Deed Holder is the only person who can legally decide who will be interred there - by issuing a Right of Interment - and what memorials will be placed there.

Complete the Application to Purchase an Exclusive Right of Interment and send or fax it to the Karori Cemetery office.

Application to purchase an exclusive right of interment (45KB PDF)


Use an existing plot

If the Deed Holder dies before issuing a Right of Interment, the spouse or immediate next of kin can decide how to use the plot as long as all interested parties agree. To provide authority to use an existing plot, complete the following form:

Application to vary an existing deed of exclusive right of interment (54KB PDF)


Transfer or change ownership

If you would like to Transfer or change ownership of a plot please contact the Cemetery Administrator on (04) 476 6109 to discuss the requirements.