Information for Council staff

The latest information for staff and contractors about current working arrangements as the Council responds to COVID-19.

The safety and wellbeing of our people is a priority during these rapidly changing times. Please speak with your manager if you have questions, concerns or need support. You can call 0800 787 2867 to speak with a qualified counsellor under the Employee Assistance Scheme. 

Access to Council sites

  • All sites, including our corporate offices, are now closed to staff, with the exception of those authorised to work on essential services or the pandemic response.
  • All staff who can, are working from home. Check your email and Pokapū for advice on working from home, or talk to your manager.
  • Operational staff, stay in contact with your manager for the latest updates.   

If you become unwell

Keep your manager informed if you become unwell or if you or a close contact contracts COVID-19. 

There is a form in Risk Manager to fill out if you are: 

  • Going into voluntary or enforced self-isolation 
  • Being tested for COVID-19 or
  • Tested positive for COVID-19. 

If you don’t have access to Risk Manager, your manager can complete this form on your behalf.

Information for essential services staff

Emergency cards

If you have been issued an Emergency Card because you're working on the COVID-19 response, please note the following:

  • You must carry the Emergency Card with you and present it to police or military if you are stopped. 
  • The Emergency Card can only be used for the purposes it was issued; these are captured in our database. 
  • All facilities with a swipe card access have been placed on lockdown since Wednesday 25 March. Call Security to gain access. Carry your Council ID card (if you have one) to gain access to swipe-card enabled buildings. Your Emergency Card is not a swipe access card.
  • A security guard will remain at Tahiwi with names of who may / may not enter.
  • If you are required to come onsite to one of our facilities, you will need to follow hygiene and distancing protocols regarding keeping yourself and others safe.

Access to Council systems

  • Your Council email can be accessed through any browser:
  • Move meetings online and stay connected with your team using Microsoft Teams. You can download the Teams mobile app from the app store and login using your Council login details. Or access Teams on your mobile phone at at
  • For more information about using Teams, speak to your manager or contact the Teams Helpdesk on 04 801 4403.

For more information

  • Keep checking this page for latest updates, or call our information line for staff - 0800 873 283.
  • Stay in touch with your direct supervisor or manager
  • If you have access to the network, read the resources available on Pokapū, the Council intranet. 
  • For IT support contact the ICT Shared Service Desk