Eva and Leeds streets

Parts of Eva and Leeds streets and Hannah's Courtyard have been improved to create a safer, more inviting environment.

The #wellylaneway project was designed to increase the energy in the spaces that link Eva and Leeds streets, by attracting more people. An improved environment with increased numbers of visitors creates a safer place for people who live, work and play here.

Project updates

What was planned

The project was planned to celebrate the local heritage, and reflect the unique character in the area. The end result has:

  • drawn attention to both the Eva Street and Leeds Street entrances
  • improved lighting in an imaginative way, to draw people into spaces and create focal points
  • improved waste management and storage facilities
  • upgraded the surface of the lanes and courtyards
  • introduced green walls and movable green screens
  • acknowledged local heritage within the design.

Businesses, retailers and apartments

Eva and Leeds streets connect Dixon Street and Ghuznee Street. The route is made up of a series or courtyards and narrow "dogleg" lanes. This unique area is home to a number of apartment buildings and emerging local businesses, such as peanut butter and soda manufacturers, a chocolate factory, bar, pizzeria and artists studio. 


The area has a varied history that includes a timber yard, saw mill and most notably, the site of the Hannah's shoe factory. The project will acknowledge and celebrate the history of the laneway through design features. 


Eva and Leeds streets opened officially on Saturday 12 December 2015 with a family-friendly and fun event which included performers, music, bubble machines, and local artisan businesses getting involved in the festivities.