Special Housing Areas

To help increase housing supply in Wellington, we're identifying special housing areas (SHAs) suitable for development across the city.

SHAs are areas where we can offer qualifying developments a streamlined resource consenting path (through the Housing Accords and Special Housing Act (HASHAA)) and several incentives. We suggest SHAs to the Minister of Building and Housing for approval before they are created.

For each SHA, we recommend a minimum number of dwellings to be built or sections created. This is required by HASHAA for a development proposal to be a qualifying development. The number of dwellings or sections will vary for each area. Along with this minimum number, SHA qualifying developments must be predominantly residential and low rise (under six storeys or 27 metres high). An approved SHA does not mean any development is approved within it.

To discuss creating a potential SHA, contact the Council at housingaccord@wcc.govt.nz

SHA criteria

The SHAs created or approved by Council to date focused on our existing growth areas, or sites that were generally already zoned for residential development. This ensures development is planned and contained within the overall urban area. It also provides for a range of housing types.

When assessing potential sites for SHA status, we consider these criteria:

  • consistency with the Wellington Housing Accord
  • consistency with the Wellington District Plan
  • if infrastructure is, or can be, made available eg transport, water supply, drainage, stormwater
  • location characteristics – character, amenity, services and facilities, eg shopping and service centres, recreation and leisure areas
  • iwi and landowner viewpoints
  • existing demand for housing development.

SHA locations

So far, we have created six tranches of Special Housing Areas, for a total of 34 areas. The majority of these SHAs have now lapsed.

Recommending an SHA doesn't mean we've approved any development proposals. Creating an SHA only allows for a development proposal to be applied for, and all proposals go through a resource consent process.

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View Special Housing Areas map

Approved SHAs 

Current Special Housing Areas

SHA name Tranche Gazette date  Lapse date  Number of dwellings   Map
Arlington 6 14 August 2017 16 September 2019 10 Arlington SHA Map (187KB PDF)

Previously approved SHAs that have now lapsed

SHA name Tranche  Map 
Adelaide Road
1 Adelaide Road SHA Map (3.44MB PDF)
Johnsonville SHA Map (3.76MB PDF)
Kilbirnie SHA Map (3.46MB PDF)
Lincolnshire Farm-Woodridge
Lincolnshire SHA Map (3MB PDF)
Stebbings Valley (North of Churton Park)
Stebbings Valley SHA Map (2.85MB PDF)
Te Aro (Central Area & South)
Te Aro SHA Map (4.44MB PDF)
Thorndon (Central Area North)
Thorndon SHA Map (4.44MB PDF)
 Arlington 1  Arlington SHA Map (4.5MB PDF)
135 Britomart Street, Berhampore 2 135 Britomart Street, Berhampore (151KB PDF)
175 Owen Street, Newtown 2 175 Owen Street, Newtown Map (149KB PDF)
McLean Flats, 320A The Terrace 2 McLean Flats, 320A The Terrace Map (155KB PDF) 
74 Helston Road, Paparangi 2 74 Helston Road, Paparangi Map (163KB PDF)
30 White Pine Avenue, Woodridge 2 30 White Pine Avenue, Woodridge Map (162KB PDF)
Erskine College, Island Bay Erskine College, Island Bay Map (164KB PDF)
Reedy Land, 28 Westchester Drive, Glenside Reedy Land, 28 Westchester Drive, Glenside Map (170KB PDF)
59 Spenmoor Street, Newlands 2 59 Spenmoor Street, Newlands Map (189KB PDF)
289-293 Mansfield Street and Princess Street, Newtown 2 289-293 Mansfield Street and Princess Street, Newtown Map (161KB PDF)
98 Westchester Drive, Churton Park 98 Westchester Drive, Churton Park Map (159KB PDF) 
150-184 Ohariu Valley Road, 224 Westchester Drive and 34 Winsley Terrace 150-184 Ohariu Valley Road, 224 Westchester Drive and 34 Winsley Terrace Map (197KB PDF) 
383-387 Adelaide Road, Newtown 2 383-387 Adelaide Road, Newtown Map (156KB PDF)
20 Glanmire Road, Newlands
3 20 Glanmire Road, Newlands Map (35KB PDF)
48-62 Mein Street, Newtown
3 48-62 Mein Street (38KB PDF)
Shelly Bay expanded area*
3 Shelly Bay expanded area Map (156KB PDF)
10 Surrey Street, Tawa
3 10 Surrey Street, Tawa Map (40KB PDF)
Abbott Street, Ngaio
4 Abbott Street, Ngaio Map (109KB PDF)  
Adelaide Road 5 Adelaide Road SHA Map (351KB PDF)
Central Area North  5 Central Area North SHA Map (176KB PDF) 
Central Area South  5 Central Area South SHA Map (854KB PDF) 
Johnsonville  Johnsonville SHA Map (518KB PDF)
Lincolnshire - Woodridge   Lincolnshire - Woodridge SHA Map (590KB PDF)
Lower Stebbings  Lower Stebbings SHA Map (170KB PDF)
Reedy Land  5 Reedy Land SHA Map (204KB PDF)
White Pine Avenue White Pine Avenue SHA Map (264KB PDF) 

*Shelly Bay was approved in tranche 2 and we've expanded it. We now show it in tranche 3.

**Arlington was approved in tranche 5, and was rolled over into tranche 6.