About the Wellington Housing Accord

Under this accord, the Council identifies special housing areas (SHAs) that can support growth in the city and submits them to the Minister of Building and Housing for approval.

To encourage investors and developers to start developing housing in SHAs, we offer a streamlined resource consenting path through the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act (HASHAA), and several incentives, including rates remissions within certain greenfield areas and waiving pre-application meeting fees.

Special Housing Areas

HASHA Act extension

In September 2016, Government extended the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act by three years. This means that:

  • Council can establish additional Special Housing Areas. These will now expire 12 months after they are created.
  • existing Special Housing Areas created before 15 September 2015 lapsed on 16 September 2016.
  • existing Special Housing Areas created after 15 September 2015 expire one year after the date they were gazetted.

How it works

An approved SHA does not mean any development is approved. It gives potential developers an incentive to build housing. Interested developers discuss their plans with us through a pre-application process and a proposal then proceeds to a resource consent process in a similar way to an application lodged under the Resource Management Act.

All housing built under the accord must comply with the Building Act and the usual building consent process continues to apply. The District Plan (and all its provisions) is still applicable and must be considered for resource consent under the HASHAA.

The minimum District Plan standards that protect neighbours, such as setbacks, height restrictions still apply and will still be considered. People affected by breaches of the standards can be advised of development proposals depending on the nature of the breach and effect.

HASHAA applications can only be ‘limited notified’ to people in the vicinity of a proposed development and appeal rights to the Environment Court are limited to the parties identified as being affected, and for developments of four stories or more only.



Wellington City Housing Accord (846KB PDF)

The accord signed in June 2014 runs until 2019. The HASHAA has been extended to September 2019 from its original September 2016 expiry. SHAs created before September 2016 have expired, however new SHAs can now be created.