Monitoring the District Plan

We monitor and report on the effectiveness of the District Plan regularly, as well as reviewing the whole plan every 10 years.

Reviewing the District Plan

The Council is required to review its District Plan every 10 years. We are doing a rolling review, which means the plan is reviewed chapter by chapter.

We have fully reviewed the chapters of the District Plan covering:

  • heritage
  • the central area
  • rural areas
  • residential areas
  • suburban centres.

Completed plan changes

A full review of the current District Plan is now being carried out. We will seek feedback from the public on the draft plan mid-2021, with consultation on the proposed plan expected in early 2022. For more information and to get involved, visit

Review reports

Monitoring the effectiveness of the District Plan

The Council is required by the Resource Management Act to monitor the effectiveness of provisions in the District Plan.

Monitoring helps to:

  • provide good quality information about how well certain policies and rules are working
  • identify emerging issues – which may prompt the Council to look at whether the District Plan should be updated to address these issues.

Monitoring reports