Parking & Roads


Find out where to park, pay a parking ticket, apply for a parking permit and using coupon parking in Wellington City.

Smart transport

Walking, cycling, car sharing, car pooling and public transport are smart and sustainable options for getting around.


    We're making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with transport choice.

    Towed vehicles

    What to do and who to contact if your vehicle has been towed in Wellington City.

      Road works

      We carry out a range of road services, including maintenance and coordinating street events.

      Street light outages

      Report a faulty street light.

      Road safety

      We work with the community and national agencies to improve road safety and reduce the number of crashes on our roads.

      Bus lanes

      How bus lanes work and what we're doing to make key bus routes more reliable.

      Moving large loads

      Overweight or oversized loads could need a permit or special permissions.

        Shipping containers

        Find out when you need a shipping container permit and how to get one.