Wind Farms

Wind is a renewable energy resource - and Wellington has a good supply of it.

Mill Creek - Ohariu Valley.

Mill Creek - Ohariu Valley


Project Mill Creek and Project West Wind (described below) were both approved by the Environment Court following appeals against Wellington City Council's decision to grant resource consents to these two projects.

While these are not Wellington City Council projects, this page provides information on the progress of the two projects.

March 2014 update

Meridian Energy have now finished the second phase of the Mill Creek project and the wind farm site is now ready for the delivery of the turbines. All of the major earthworks associated with construction of the roads and all of the turbine concrete and reinforced steel foundations are now finished.

The next stage is the transportation of the turbines from Wellington CentrePort to the wind farm and the construction of the turbines on site. It is expected the wind farm will be completed in February 2015.

News - Mill Creek Turbines on the Move - 11.03.14 

Spicer Forest

Spicer Forest is now open again to the public.

More Information

For more information on the Mill Creek project, including a map of the location, see:

Mill Creek Project - Meridian Energy website

For monitoring enquiries, contact:
Ben Brown

Phone: (04) 803 8307
West Wind construction site - Makara.

West Wind construction site - Makara.


Project West Wind

West Wind, the wind farm on the hills above the Makara valley in northwest Wellington, is now operational.

Project West Wind was completed in late 2009 on the rugged hills of Makara Farm and Terawhiti Station. Initial works began on the project in October 2007.

The wind farm is made up of 62 wind turbines, each generating up to 2.3 MW of electricity. The combined output would supply enough power for Wellington's domestic use, according to Meridian Energy.

The Environment Court approved Project West Wind in May 2007. It is subject to a large number of conditions that Wellington City Council has monitored.

West Wind Recreation Area

A recreation area has been created at West Wind. It is open to the public at specified times and has 3 walkways which give visitors access to spectacular views of:

  • the coastline
  • Fort Opau
  • the wind farm
  • World War II gun emplacements.

Access to the recreation area and car park is either from Opau Road or Makara Beach.

More Information

For information on Project West Wind, see:

West Wind - Meridian Energy website

For information on the recreation area, including a map and the times it is open to the public, see:

West Wind Recreation Area - Meridian Energy website (900KB PDF)