Tech Challenge

To support Wellington to become a globally recognised creative digital city, we're encouraging connections between people and companies in the technical sector.

Wellington City Council wants to help make Wellington a globally recognised creative digital city and a place where talent wants to live. This is the key aim of the Wellington Digital Strategy.

We want to make sure that people know what is happening in Wellington, who is doing exciting and interesting work, and what is possible in the future.

Wellington now

  • Wellington is home to a diverse range of companies within the broadly defined 'tech sector'.
  • Many of these companies are just quietly doing their thing, flying under the radar and getting on with it.
  • There are a lot of networking events in Wellington, and many sector conferences and gatherings. However, these are usually quite sector- or technology-specific and cross-pollination of ideas between different types of companies doesn’t happen as much as it could.
  • The potential of Wellington’s tech sector - from within the sector, the wider community and the country as a whole - is largely unknown.

The opportunities

We want to create opportunities to increase connections between companies, and between people within companies, leading to a better level of awareness of who’s who and who’s out there.

Increased awareness will potentially introduce opportunities for knowledge and skill sharing, co-working, and collaboration across the sector.

Better connections and more awareness will lead to more noise, bigger projects, stories, events and buzz about the diversity of, and opportunity within, the Wellington tech sector. All of this will help Wellington become recognised as a creative digital city.

About the challenge

The Tech Challenge is a way for you to:

  • talk to new people, about new things
  • find out about what’s going on outside your usual horizons
  • find out about companies and projects happening around you
  • make new connections, discuss problems, and identify opportunities
  • ‘hard wire’ connections around the tech sector in Wellington.
Each month we'll be putting up a challenge for you to take part in. The time required will be only 1 - 2 hours per month.

Want to take part?

Register to take part in our challenge if you are working in or around the tech sector - whether you're in a small, medium or large business, or in a government, education or other service.

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