Restoring the Golden Mile - Bus Route Changes

Pedestrians walking on Manners Street.

Pedestrians walking on Manners Street


Changes for pedestrians, bus users, motorists & cyclists

To make bus journeys through central Wellington quicker and more reliable, buses now travel along Willis and Manners streets in both directions.

A 30 km/h speed limit from the Lambton bus interchange to the Embassy end of Courtenay Place is also in place.

Pedestrians, motorists and cyclists need to take extra care - there are lots of changes and it will take a while to get used to them.


Pedestrians need to:

  • watch for vehicles travelling down lower Cuba Street towards Wakefield Street
  • look both ways when crossing Willis and Manners streets as buses are travelling in both directions
  • take extra care when crossing as buses - and in some cases general traffic - are coming from new directions.

News Release - 07.12.2010

Bus users

  • Buses now travel through the city in both directions via Lambton Quay, Willis Street, Manners Street and Courtenay Place.
  • The temporary bus route through Wakefield Street is no longer in operation.
  • The bus stop in Dixon Street has been replaced with new bus stops in Manners Street, near Arty Bees Books and Burger King.
  • Buses that have always used Wakefield Street (routes 24, 92 and 93) are continuing to do so.

Lower Cuba Street

You can no longer enter lower Cuba Street from Wakefield Street. The flow of traffic has been reversed.

If you're looking for a park in lower Cuba, turn from Taranaki Street into Manners Street and then turn right into lower Cuba Street.

Willis Street

You can still drive or cycle down Willis Street to Lambton Quay, but in the other direction it is buses-only as far as Manners Street.

Manners Street

You can drive or cycle along Manners Street towards Victoria Street:

  • before 6.00am and after 7.00pm, Monday to Friday
  • at all times during the weekend.

The remainder of the time it is bus-only.

You can no longer drive or cycle along Manners Street towards Willis Street at any time - it is for bus-only traffic.

The road through what was Manners Mall is now bus-only at all times.

The above restrictions are being enforced.

You can travel along Manners Street from Taranaki Street as far as lower Cuba Street. From there you have to turn into Wakefield Street as lower Cuba Street is now one way (travelling towards Wakefield Street).