Restoring the Golden Mile - Background & Consultations

Manners Mall / Cuba Street intersection in the 1920s.

Manners Mall / Cuba Street intersection in the 1920s


The bus route and street changes in the Golden Mile project are designed to make bus journeys through the city quicker and more reliable. The Greater Wellington Regional Council's 2009 review of central city bus operations confirmed these benefits.

Central Area Bus Operational Review - Greater Wellington Regional Council website (1.77Mb PDF)

The changes also support the Ngauranga to Airport Plan (agreed to in 2008), a plan designed to make the journey between the Ngauranga Gorge and airport faster regardless of transport method.

An appeal was lodged with the Environment Court on the Council's decision to revoke the pedestrian status of Manners Mall. The Environment Court supported the Council's decision to proceed with the project, saying the advantages outweighed any disadvantages.