Restoring the Golden Mile

The new two-way Golden Mile bus route started in November 2010. Buses now travel between Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place using Willis and Manners streets, moving in both directions.

New look for lower Cuba Street

With the work on the Golden Mile bus route finished, attention was then focused on upgrading lower Cuba street. The 'new look' lower Cuba street has the following features:

  • It is a slow-speed area where pedestrians have priority.
  • Vehicle and cycle access is one-way - from Manners Street to Wakefield Street.
  • Drivers and cyclists must give way to pedestrians.
  • The speed limit is 10 km/h.
  • Two-hour parallel parking replaces the old angle parking.
  • The wide areas next to the shops are for pedestrians only.

Take extra care

You need to take extra care at each end of the street where vehicles exit and enter. These crossing points are like others in the central city. If you are driving through, you should give way to pedestrians - even on a green light.

Shared space

Shared spaces are designed to accommodate a range of users - pedestrians, cyclists and drivers - and work well in Melbourne and many European cities. Rather than restricting or not allowing vehicles, they use design features to encourage low speeds.

The new shared space:

  • extends the design 'feel' from Cuba Mall to reinforce the pedestrian link to Civic Square
  • is flexible so it can be closed to traffic and used for special events like the Cuba Street Carnival.