Planning Our Suburbs

Newtown suburban centre.

Newtown suburban centre


Review of Wellington's residential area & suburban centre zones

Wellington City Council has reviewed the Residential and Suburban Centre chapters of its District Plan. These are the policies and rules that determine what activities can take place and how people can build and modify their properties.

As part of this review, the Council publicly consulted from 8 December 2008 until 1 April 2009 on possible District Plan changes. Following public consultation, Council officers looked at the comments and suggestions received and produced a summary report on the consultation and feedback.

Plan Changes 72 & 73

The feedback was used to help prepare proposed District Plan Changes 72 (Residential Area Review) and 73 (Suburban Centre Review) which were publicly notified 29 September 2009.

Progress & appeals period

A combined hearing was held for submitters between 26 April 2010 and 11 June 2010. The hearings committee completed their recommended decision which was adopted by Councillors on 29 September 2010.

Six appeals on District Plan Change 72 and 14 appeals on Distrct Plan Change 73 have been received. The Council is now working with appellants to resolve these before the Plan Changes can be made operative.

More information

Residential Areas Plan Change

Julia Forsyth
Programme Manager
Phone: (04) 803 8553

Suburban Centres Plan Change

Alison Newbald
Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: (04) 801 3706