Ngaio Gorge Road wall strengthening

Major strengthening work is being carried out on Ngaio Gorge Road.

Strengthening work on Ngaio Gorge

Strengthening work on Ngaio Gorge


The strengthening work is part of a citywide strategy designed to protect and upgrade key routes. Ngaio Gorge is considered an essential access road linking Wellington city to the north.

An appropriate traffic management plan has been setup to protect pedestrians, vehicles, and other passengers from construction activity. With key work happening during off-peak hours, we expect minimal disruption.   

Planned work

The planned work includes:

  • Strengthening work involves embedding of concrete piles into bedrock
  • Installing 32 numbers of rock anchors into the wall of size 25mm diameter having variable lengths
  • Followed by construction of ground beam, columns, capping beam  and casting of panels.


The planned timeframes for work include:

  • The site was established on Monday 15 February 2016
  • Work is planned to end July 2016.