Newlands Area Parks & Reserves

Gilberd Bush Reserve.

Gilberd Bush Reserve.


Wellington City Council is developing a parks and reserves network in the Newlands area.


Council officers used consultation feedback to develop a work programme for the next few years, including some which can be scheduled into ongoing maintenance. These include:

  • development of a master plan for Newlands Park and Pinkerton Park, a concept plan for Lyndfield Lane upgrade and a planting plan for Ceres Crescent
  • installation of seating on some walkways (ie Brandon's Walkway)
  • improving information on parks, reserves and walkways, including on the Council website and onsite signage
  • working with community groups on potential revegetation projects and names for parks in Woodridge
  • consultation on the potential sale of Chapman Street Park and Glanmire Road Reserve
  • assessment of the future of Jay Street Park.

The community will be able to comment and make suggestions on the plans for Newlands Park, Pinkerton Park, and Lyndfield Lane. Funding will be required to carry out upgrades at Newlands Park and Pinkerton Park.

The community will also be able to comment on any selling of land through a separate consultation process.

More information

Mike Oates
Manager Open Space and Recreation Planning, Parks and Gardens

Phone: (04) 499 4444