Messines Road Reservoirs

Overview of Reservoir 2.

Reservoir 2 during the rebuild


Wellington Water worked on behalf of the Council to complete the enlargement and seismic strengthening of the two water reservoirs on Messines Road, Karori.

Beginning in November 2010, the reservoirs were almost completely demolished and then rebuilt within the scheduled two-and-a-half-year timeframe.

The two new tanks are almost twice as large as the older ones, together holding 6 million litres.

As before, the reservoirs have been covered over and grassed. Included in the landscaping was the development of additional parking bays on Messines Road.

Work was also completed on the water mains that connect to the reservoirs.

The original reservoirs, located between the Russian Embassy complex and numbers 61 and 63 Messines Road, were built in 1925 and 1935, and are an essential part of the water supply for the Messines Road area. They service 9,000 people, and supply six other reservoirs in Karori that serve another 4,000 residents.