Lyall Bay playground renewal

The Lyall Bay playground is being renewed. It will incorporate new play equipment and a new lay out.

Lyall Bay playground.

The play area is categorised as one of our local playgrounds which caters for young children and will feature a small number of activities. 

We are suggesting the new play equipment uses the existing main timber structure but re-models it to form a ship. This would be the centre piece of the play area and form a good connection with the beach, ocean and natural environment of the Lyall Bay beach area. 

Proposed changes

Birds-eye view of a map of the proposed Lyall Bay playground upgrade.

The draft plan suggests the following:

  • new play equipment
  • a climbing structure modelled like a ship, with a slide
  • toddler swing and basket swing
  • springer surf boards
  • small toddler hut with balance boards
  • a small water play area
  • safety surface with sand and artificial surfacing
  • new seating
  • picnic tables

Work is expected to begin on the new playground in Late February 2017.

The Council has budgeted $87,000 to spend on this project.

Public feedback

You can provide feedback on the draft plan by emailing

The closing date for feedback is 30 January 2017.